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Since 1992 Dave and Doland have dedicated themselves to a great friendship and to great songs. Their first album, “Storm Inside”, was published in 1997 and quickly became their hallmark for a melodic style that some found reminiscent of The Eagles. As the years went by their friendship grew and soon they found themselves working with other great friends along the way in what ultimately became their band - 55 NORTH.


Dave and Doland had varied backgrounds growing up. Both shared a love for music and the creative release it provided. Music was their place to go when nothing else was right in their life.  Dave learned to play rhythm guitar and gravitated towards Americana and Contemporary Country Music.  Starting on Clarinet, Doland was classically trained and learned to play more than 30 instruments as he grew up. At one time he was accepted to Juilliard but was not able to take advantage of that opportunity.


Now, after more than 25 years in songwriting partnership, Dave and Doland continue to write and record. They are constantly experimenting with new ideas and song creation. But, still find themselves drawn to melodic, harmony rich stories of life, love and family.


You will find their songs being played on many indie and commercial radio stations. They hope to share their portfolio of great songs to help other performing artists find their special sound and attain success in this complex business of music.

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